By far the recommended way to do the programming and other assignments (CHIPS, see below) is the Codio IDE. Codio includes the correct versions of all the necessary tools and libraries; the programming assignments; the autograders; "scaffolding" for the programming assignments woven into the assignments themselves; and even the textbook sections correctly interleaved with the assignments, including the "self check" questions in the textbook.
You can also use Codio for coding exams (see left).
There is a modest fee to use Codio; it can be paid by the student or you can negotiate a classroom or site license directly.
Codio is very enlightened about providing a limited number of "access codes" for students for whom paying the fee is a financial hardship. Contact your Codio rep and ask them for "bookstore codes," which students can then redeem using this process.
All in all, Codio have been extremely supportive in helping to make teaching this material a low-friction experience. We're grateful for their help and encourage you to adopt the platform, as all future innovation around ESaaS programming assignments will use this platform.