Lectures, Slides, Video Interviews

Video Lecturelets

At Berkeley, we constructed our lectures to be broken up into 7-20 minute segments. In general, each segment corresponds to a textbook section, with a few exceptions and some supplementary topics; some segments were later added or updated with studio-recorded lectures. Instructors have used these lectures to prepare/inspire their own, as well as in a flipped-classroom setting. We do both at Berkeley.

The lecturelets are organized into YouTube playlists, one playlist per chapter, and are captioned in American English. Volunteer submissions of captions (.srt files) in other languages are most welcome!

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Software as a Service, Agile Development, and Cloud Computing

  • Chapter 2 How to Learn a New Language

  • Chapter 3 SaaS Application Architecture: Microservices, APIs, and REST

  • Chapter 4 SaaS Framework: Rails as a Model--View--Controller Framework

  • Chapter 5 SaaS Framework: Advanced Programming Abstractions for SaaS

  • Chapter 6 Mobile and Desktop SaaS Clients: JavaScript Introduction

  • Chapter 7 Requirements: BDD and User Stories

  • Chapter 8 Testing: Test-Driven Development

  • Chapter 9 Software Maintenance: Enhancing Legacy Software Using Refactoring and Agile Methods

  • Chapter 10 Agile Teams

  • Chapter 11 Design Patterns for SaaS Apps

  • Chapter 12 Dev/Ops

Self-Check Questions to Accompany Lecturelets


Lecture Slides

Most of the slides used in the lectures are available as Google Slides (you must be a registered instructor to access the folderโ€”see the Welcome page). Again, there have been a few updates, and a few decks that need updating, but these may be useful as a starting point.

SaaS TV interviews

This playlist contains interviews with a number of working engineers who do ESaaS, giving weight and credibility to some of the topics covered in the syllabus. These are uncaptioned; captioned submissions welcome.

Short videos about the course

This playlist includes (as of 2022) the following uncaptioned videos (caption submissions welcome):

  • a welcome from Armando Fox and Dave Patterson

  • an interview with a customer of our student projects created in the course

  • an exhortation from Google's VP of Engineering about the importance of teamwork in software engineering

  • a short piece on the role of GitHub and open source in software engineering team projects and collaboration in this course

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