PrairieLearn & Quizzes

We are moving exclusively to PrairieLearn for administering quizzes and for development of some future formative assessments. We will leave the old RuQL-format question bank available (in fact the ruql-prairielearn gem was used to convert them to PL format), but all further development of summative and formative assessment questions that are not code-autograding will use PrairieLearn. It's just way better. Because sharing of PL content is tricky, contact Armando Fox if you will want access to these. You will have to either stand up and run your own PrairieLearn instance (it's open source) or make arrangements with to run it for you (which we recommend).

PrairieLearn/Canvas Integration

We recommend all entry tin

Preparing the semester's quizzes

The questions are organized by module (book chapter) and range from simple short-answer to much richer. Visit the repo for details.